Name: Sapphire Elizabeth Winters

Gender: Female

Age: 19



Model: Nina Dobrev

Personality: Sapphire is a strong willed women. She hates seeing people getting bullied and will stand up for the underdogs. She loves to party and have fun but sometimes she can be a bit of a bitch and a little sarcastic. With all that being said she has many friends who, just like her, would do anything for her.

Species: Shadow Huntress

History: When Sapphire was a young girl her and her mother were very close. sapphire's mother Elizabeth was a mundane and loved Sapphire very much. There lives were filled with joy and happiness until one day a vampire came and took Sapphire's mother. Sapphire was about 15 when this happened so she was sent into foster care until she was 18.

When she was around 18 and a half a shadow hunter, Who was very cute, found Sapphire. He explained to her what she was and what she had to do. Sapphire then put the pieces together and figured out that man with sharp fangs was a vampire. she then swore vengence and would track down the beast and kill it. From then on she has been training with the shadow hunter.